Premenstrual syndrome, natural remedies and pharmacy

The calendula is useful against breast tension (image taken from an OK number).

The PMS affects most women. It is estimated that 80% of women in the fertile period present in the period preceding the cycle significant emotional, behavioral and physical changes. And for 25% of them the discomforts are sometimes disabling: you spend the day in bed, you can not leave the house. 
A help can be found at the pharmacy or in herbal medicine. Here are the advice of the Sigo , an Italian Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics.

The herbal products 
A help can also come from nature, taking advantage of the beneficial properties of some plants. Verbena, oats and chamomile are useful for relieving tension, anxiety and tendency to melancholy. 
The leaves of dandelion officinale, corn and pineapple contrast the swelling and retention of liquids, the calendula is indicated against the tension of the breast, the agnocastus helps to regulate hormonal imbalances and acts on urinary retention and spasms.

In the event of a deficiency of vitamin B6 , normally taken with food (rich in vegetables and broccoli), the doctor can prescribe supplements.

Against premenstrual syndrome it is possible to resort to some drugs. Therapy must take into account the nature and severity of symptoms and can not disregard more general assessments regarding lifestyle and psychological aspects.

The main drugs used are of three types: 
• antidepressants
• diuretics
• contraceptive pill

In particular, fluoxetine , a serotonin reuptake inhibitor (Ssri) is used. This molecule appears to be highly effective in the treatment of severe depressive manifestations, irritability and mood variability. 
Drugs based on alprazolene are instead indicated in case of strong anxiety. In general, antidepressants should be prescribed only in cases of more severe symptoms, also because side effects are particularly important.

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contraceptive pill

They are especially indicated in case of heaviness and swelling caused by water retention. The most suitable are those based on furosemide . 
The use of these drugs must be supervised by the doctor because they can cause blood pressureloss .

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