In functional medicine

In functional medicine and according to a holistic perspective, which we share, it is believed that every system of our organism is connected. Our hormonal and digestive systems, for example, functionally, holistically and PNEI (Psycho-neuro-immunology) are NOT and do not operate independently but interconnected.

For this reason, symptoms such as stomach ache, nausea, flatulence, gas emission, diarrhea, which are generally symptoms attributable to a malfunction of our intestines, may be accompanied by other symptoms such as hormonal imbalance, widespread malaise, malabsorption of sugars, decline of immune defenses, eczema or cutaneous atopias, forms of mild anxiety and sleep disorders. Why?

Because it is at the intestinal level that, among other things, is also localized a large part of our immune system, as well as digestive. This results in the importance of attention to good intestinal function for our overall well-being.

Intestinal absorption and fermentation of food is guaranteed by intestinal colonization of "good" bacteria, whose work is made more effective under favorable conditions of acid / base balance of the intestinal environment. We can act on this functionality through our choices of adequate and healthy food and behavioral attitudes.

Excluding the presence of serious diseases that require the intervention of the doctor, we can all help to keep the intestine healthy through a few simple steps, which have been called the 4RP (Four R Program) by American nutritionists. What does this program consist of?

It is a matter of following four points, which we illustrate below.


"Remove" all the "bad". Bad eating habits, for example. Reduce sugars, over-fats and refined foods, industrial "snacks"; reduce the use of meat, spirits, coffee and other nervine drinks.


"We replace" these foods that are harmful to our health with healthier foods. Less refined foods, preferably without chemical preservatives, dyes, additives-thickeners, flavorings. Organic foods, perhaps at "km0". To favor the consumption of fruit and vegetables, of foods naturally low in fat and untreated, in short storage (fresh).

3R: RIINOCULA; subcultured

It may happen to observe that "replacing" certain foods with other provokes of temporary states of discomfort. This is the signal that our intestines, polluted by bad habits, are "cleaning" and reacting. We can help by "reinoculating" appropriate "good" bacteria, which help the digestive processes bringing them back to an optimal state of activity. For example, the Bifido Bacterio; Lactobacilli Acidofili. Prebiotic substances, such as Inulin or Aloe fibers, can also promote a good environment for intestinal function.


Providing the correct substances and eliminating the unwanted foods, the intestine alone will repair its functions and restore itself to a better improvement of our perception of well-being!

We can still help ourselves with, if necessary, some integration. For example, Omega3 fatty acids, powerful antioxidants; with the phytotherapeutic use of some plants traditionally used as detoxicants (Dandelion, Birch, Artichoke, Milk Thistle, Aloe, Fennel, Fig, and many others) or eupeptic (favoring good digestion) for example, Ginger, used as a plant officinale as an ingredient to be tastyly integrated into our recipes.

In addition to these four Rs, we would like to add another one: RELAX! It is important to think that what we do for our health and our well-being is a positive action we do for ourselves, to feel good about ourselves and with others. A greater awareness of what we eat inevitably leads to greater awareness and desire to change our other habits (for example, sleep hygiene) towards greater global well-being.

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