Vegetarians and Vegans: there is also a Pharmacist for you in the Province of Como!

The Pharmacy of Asso is one of the Italian pharmacies that has joined the Project Pharmavegana promoted by Sitar srl The project aims to train pharmacists prepared to meet the needs of vegetarians and vegans also in the province of Como .

What is Pharmavegana

Pharmavegana is the natural evolution of Regulatory Functional Medicine which is a methodology of care that is based on both anatomy, physiology, biochemistry of the human body and knowledge of natural medicines (See Menus above "Natural Remedies"), on nutrition and nutrition.

After studying what Nature offers us to feel good, the search for functional medicine has focused on what provides energy and structure to our body, that is how it is possible to use food as a real medicine and then how to advise a diet or specific foods that can solve a problem , for example that of ideal weight .

All knowledge of functional natural medicine is simply adapted to the nutritional choice of vegetarians and vegans and the Pharmavegana course gives the pharmacist the knowledge to give personalized advice on wellness and health also Veg *.

To become a pharmacist specializing in advice to Veg people * I have signed an ethical code of conduct that you find in the image below.

Personalized Advice and Natural Remedies for Vegans and Vegetarians

From the point of view of my profession my approach to the person does not change much : I am convinced that nutrition, following rules that improve one's well-being (such as sleeping at least 7 – 8 hours a night, do not eat in a hurry, do physical activity and not smoking) and the use of less "real" drugs are pillars on which my profession as a pharmacist must be based on each of the people I meet every day.

In my career I have learned that every person needs advice that is only for her and I know that there are no valid protocols for everyone .

Simply my knowledge must be adapted to the choices of vegetarians and vegans , but this does not alter in any way my approach to the customer: any necessary remedies I always associate tips on habits more healthy for everyone and recommend foods that can cure that person at that time and that they can prevent his relapsing health problems.

In addition to personalized advice (food and behavioral) products are available in the Asso pharmacy that can be useful in case of small health problems.

For example, Alicamenti Alimento + Medicamento like Goji Berries or natural remedies based on buds or even mycotherapy products , that is, as I call them, regenerative mushrooms .

How You Can Follow the Work in Progress Tips for Vegans and Vegetarians

I am convinced that in addition to the Pharmavegana course, the best way to learn is to ask questions and deal with those who are vegetarian or vegan.

For this reason on this site you will find the Vegetarian and Vegan Diet section . In the posts you will find everything I'm learning and you can writedown your considerations or ask me questions. In the Vegetarian and Vegan Diet section you will find articles in which I will explain the method of functional medicine and how this can be applied to the Veg * world, without forgetting cooking, vegan recipes and vegetarian dishes.

I'm not a master chef so my vegan and vegetarian recipes are limited to writing ingredients and theoretical preparation. If you try to cook them or you will find some make-up and / or ingredient to make them more delicious and appetizing you can write me your observations in the kitchen and / or send me the images and videos of your creations. In this way you will help other Veg * people to change their diet as much as possible with simple new ideas.

To be updated on the release of new posts you just have to put "Like" on the Facebook page of the Asso Pharmacy .

I am also a member of the Facebook group Vegani di Como e Limitrofi .

I passed Bronze Age Pharmavegana on 2 November 2014 and now even those who are vegetarian or vegan can count on a pharmacist attentive to the dietary needs of those who chose to be Veg * also in the Province of Como .

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