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A Loving Refuge for Cats and Special Needs Dogs
Hundreds of cats, whose lives were in danger, now live in the Girgurim cat home, a loving Cats Sanctuary, situated in the north in Emek Y'izrael. Cats of all colors and sizes live together at Girgurim, which is Hebrew for purring. When you go inside, some of the cats will immediately come running to you to be petted, while those that are more fearful of strangers will keep their distance, looking with curiosity at the new visitor.

A voluntary non-profit association founded in 2006, Girgurim has set up the largest cat refuge in Israel. Not only does it save the cats' lives, but it is a loving home where they receive proper care. It is a permanent forever home for sick, abandoned or distressed cats, whose chances of being adopted are poor, if any. Girgurim is these cats' last chance to live. Girgurims philosophy is that as long as cats with special needs can be treated and given a suitable quality of life, they should not be euthanized. Girgurims members believe that the most moral and correct way to act is to care for these distressed cats and give them lifelong treatment, even if they have no chance of being adopted. It is both immoral and unwarranted to destroy these cats, and its definitely neither necessary nor inevitable. Our commitment to these cats – to avail them of treatment and a lifetime home if necessary, is what makes us different from most of the other animal and cat associations in Israel.

Girgurim strives to give all the cats under its care proper living conditions: veterinary supervision, medical treatments and everything they need in order to feel at home: nutritious food, fresh water and a safe place to sleep, play, to be pampered and petted, in indoors secure environments adapted to their natural needs, and of course, lots and lots of tender loving care.
In order to be able to do all this, so that the cats can be safe, loved and taken care of properly, we need the help of animal lovers like you. Alone, by ourselves, we just can’t manage. We need the public’s support, in the form of financial donations, contributions of equipment and assistance from volunteers, to make it all actually happen. It’s not just a dream. Together we can make this better reality full of hope and respect for life.

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